St. Michael’s Preparatory School provides an intimate learning environment where any concerns are dealt with quickly and effectively.

At St Michael’s we believe pastoral care is not just a complementary practice to combat difficulties that students might face; it is a policy and practice integrated throughout the teaching and learning in the school.

The whole school environment plays a key role in the social and emotional competence and well being of our children and we work together to foster positive attitudes to personal and social development.

St Michael’s has a large support network of staff who monitor, assess and support pupils’ overall progress; academic, social and emotional; through specific pastoral support systems and through extra curricular activities. Form teachers, the Deputy Headmasters, the Matron, the SENCO, the Learning Support team and of course the Headmaster work together to ensure the school ethos of care, courtesy and consideration is maintained by both pupils and staff and that all St Michael’s children know that they are valued community members.