At St Michael’s Preparatory School, we are always striving to provide our pupils with the best facilities and opportunities possible to enrich their learning and social development.

To this end, we’ve embarked on our strategic plan and the school’s development into future years. At the heart of our strategic development is an additional, state-of-the-art sports facility for all pupils and staff. This includes creating an astroturf-based hockey pitch and first-class cricket oval with a dual-aspect pavilion between the two playing areas.
The development was completed in early 2023 and provides both current and prospective pupils with the highest quality sports facilities.

Hockey Pitch

The new astroturf hockey pitch will provide pupils with a modern basis for fast play and precise ball control. Our new pitch will use high- quality artificial turf to ensure that the surface is dense and provides the optimal conditions for talented pupils to further develop their hockey skills. We are naturally very excited by the opportunities this development will provide our pupils and the wider community.

Cricket Pitch

Cricket is an integral part of the sports education programme for St. Michael’s pupils. Not only does it encourage team spirit, foster endurance and manifest discipline, but also helps to build character amongst the players. Our newly developed cricket oval will provide modern cricket facilities aimed at developing skills and giving players the opportunity to compete on safe, high-quality turf wickets.

Sports Pavilion

The development will also see the construction of a new pavilion to include bathroom and showering facilities for both home and away teams. Changing areas are provided alongside facilities for indoor entertainment and catering.
Overall this development project will provide all stakeholders with outstanding sports facilities and place St Michael’s at the forefront of sports development and training on the island.