St Michael’s is committed to broadening access to the school by offering eligible parents or guardians bursary assisted places.

St. Michael’s Preparatory School offers means tested bursaries, up to 100%, for entry into Year 7 and further awards are also available into other year groups. The bursaries are intended for applicants displaying an all-round ability, commitment to learning and wishing to transfer to an on-island school in Year 10. If you are interested in your child attending the school, please complete the _Bursary Application Form. If you would like to discuss further a potential bursary for your child, please contact the admissions secretary

There are estimated to be around 41,000 children being financially assisted by private schools across the UK. This number is based on research by the Independent Schools Council who have 1267 member schools, with circa 500,000 pupils. The total pupils in private schools is approximately 650,000 in more than 2000 schools.

St Michael’s is very proud to support a bursary scheme aimed at helping families access a style of education that may help their child maximise their potential, but ordinarily would not be able to afford to do so. The awarding of bursaries brings many new opportunities and challenges, but also the responsibility to set and maintain standards at all times. In conferring awards we look for individuals who will be a credit to themselves and the school.

Bursaries are awarded at the discretion of the Head, with the support of the Board of Governors of St Michael’s Preparatory School. The bursaries are intended for pupils not currently at St. Michael’s intent on following a secondary school education on-island.

All bursary holders will play an active role in the life of the School and bursaries awarded at 11+ are tenable until the end of the Shell Year at St. Michael’s Preparatory School.