The Learning Support Department at St Michael’s aims to ensure that every pupil achieves their full potential through tailoring learning to individual need, interest and aptitude.

We provide support for pupils who, whilst able to access the school curriculum, may need extra support due to a specific learning difficulty, such as dyslexia, or a lack of confidence in a particular aspect of their work. We work with class teachers to foster a ‘growth mindset’ learning style, where pupils know that success and intelligence are not inherited but earned through effort, working towards goals and diligence.

Teaching and learning strategies are matched closely to the individual’s needs and are designed to build confidence and self-esteem.  Support can be given in a variety of ways including, on a one to one basis,  in a small group and within the classroom.

The Department is staffed by experienced, specialist teachers and a teaching assistant, who all hold additional qualifications to cater for pupils with a range of needs.

Florence Clayton, SENDCo

Potential Plus

Our most able pupils often require a greater level of challenge and at times, more support.  Heads of Department, Teachers and Teaching Assistants support the school expectation that all learners make progress, become more effective learners and thus succeed.

At St Michael’s we are committed to ensuring all pupils are challenged and motivated to realise their own potential.  This is provided through differentiated tasks during lessons and extra curricular provision.