States Chambers Visit


On Monday 9th February, Form 3 visited the States Chambers to participate in a debate. The proposition was, “Formal Education should only begin at 7”.

The children were given an excellent introduction into the roles of the States members and a great deal of information on the history of Jersey and its relationship with The Crown.

To open the official proceedings Hamish Hollywood, in his role as the Greffier, called the roll call and read the proposal and Yasmina Mackie, as The Dean, read The Lord’s Prayer in French. James Lewis then opened the debate with his speech as proposer and Julia Allen was his seconder.

The children each had an opportunity to respond to the speeches and to give their point of views on the topic. They all spoke with confidence and were persuasive in their arguments. Michael Horsfall, as the usher, was kept busy delivering notes of congratulations from The Greffier and bowing to The Bailiff.

The parents, observing from the gallery, seemed to be engrossed in the debate and looked very proud of their children. The proposition was carried, although the voting was closer than we expected it to be.

Form 3 has been unanimous in their verdict that it was a great day out and that they will never forget this wonderful experience.