Port Regis Sports Tour


The Port Regis hockey and football tour is one of the most exciting sports tours of the school year. A girls team for hockey is picked and a boys team for football.
On the Wednesday, before going to Walhampton to play our first match, we went to Bealieu and had a walk around the town., which was nice. Playing Walhampton was harder than we all thought. We tried our best, which was sadly not good enough as we lost 8-0. The boys played well and managed a hard fought 0-0 draw.

We arrived at Port Regis on Wednesday evening. We were greeted by the captains of the football and hockey teams, who took us back to our boarding house and then we went swimming. After that we had a formal dinner in the dining room and speeches were made by Lulu and Will.

On Thursday we went to Longleat in the morning, which was quite fun as we drove through all the animal habitats. In the monkey enclosure, the monkeys ripped off the sensors from the back of the Port Regis bus and started eating them. Later in the afternoon we played Port Regis at hockey. I thought we played better than the day before but sadly lost 6-0. The football boys played a tremendous game but the result was 2-3 to Port Regis. The football team also played Stroud and again narrowly lost 0-1. Match tea was very nice with cake and after that, before dinner, we went to the boys boarding house and watched TV there. Dinner that night was very informal and was quite scrumptious.

On Friday morning we left and went to a school called Ballard. I thought we didn't play to our usual standard as a team and did not pass very well. Our defence was strong but we still lost 3-0. The boys again played very well against a very strong side and the result was 1-4 to Ballard.

While staying at Port Regis I met a girl who next year, when I go to my boarding school, is going too! It'll be nice to know a friendly face. Overall the trip was thoroughly enjoyable and I can't wait to go to boarding school next year as the experience was amazing.

By Emily Wilson (Form 6)