Poetry Competition


Once again, the poetry competition was a great success.  ‘Memories’ was the theme, and the children were asked to choose a specific memory, which, for one reason or other, has remained with them. As ever we were staggered by the standard of writing and the maturity of the topics written about. The audience watched on with eager anticipation, as each of the finalists stood up and performed their poems. The performance level was better than ever this year, which made the judges’ job that much harder.

Congratulations to all of our finalists. CH 

Form 3
Winner: James Lewis
Runner-up:  Julia Allen
Best performance: James Lewis

Form 4
Winner:  Caspar Gleave
Runners-up:  Richard Hare
Best performance: Richard Hare

Form 5:
Winner:  Clemmie Bonney
Runner-up:  Oliver Taylor
Best performance: Daisy Chinnery

Form 6
Winner:  Jessica Smith
Runner-up:  Maia Grace de Bourcier, William Jones
Best Performance:  Eleanora Ashbrooke.