Judy Murray visit May 2017


With an inspirational  tennis legend on the Island, St.Michael's were keen to invite Judy Murray to school to work with the senior tennis squad.

From start to finish, the children were challenged to think and adapt to game related scenarios. Use of space and angles were the key as players had to think their way through a fast paced and thoroughly enjoyable hour of games and drills from fun hand eye drills to develop tennis stokes that involved water balloons , to challenges directly related to game play that put many of the technical aspects of the game. Assisted by Chris, one of Judy's Tennis on the Road team in the UK, it was fantastic to see adaptations of play and the high standard of tennis on display.

The children presented both Judy and Chris with a 'St.Michael's Squirrel' each, kitted out in a blue sweater embroidered with the school crest,  to honour the Scottish connection.  A squirrel kitted out in pink was also given as a small gift to Andy Murray's daughter as a token of their appreciation for an unforgettable morning's tennis.