Chamber Choir visit to the O2


23 members of the Chamber Choir travelled to an exciting event at the O2 on Monday 25th January.  Despite a long delay at the airport, we arrived in time for most of the rehearsal and quickly slotted in with the 7,500 strong children’s choir.  Our seats in the Arena were perfect for watching up close the amazing extra acts, including the Urban Street dancers and Tom Billington.  At the start of the concert, the whole of the O2 Arena was plunged into darkness with only the light coming from the children’s torches.  We proudly displayed our St Michael’s banner and so got a mention and a big cheer from the audience.  I believe that our supporters of parents were able to see us through a pair of Mr Rees’s binoculars which were being passed round.  The concert, which lasted for over 2 hours included London Transport Songs, a Gospel Medley, a Pop Medley and many other catchy and very enjoyable songs.  The children were on fire for most of it adding actions to all of the songs and singing their hearts out and they had an absolutely fantastic evening, afterwards pleading with me that we do it again sometime.  

On day two, we took the opportunity, whilst we were in Greenwich to visit the Cutty Sark and The Royal Observatory and to be able to stand on the Meridian line, experiencing going from the Western Hemisphere to the Eastern Hemisphere.  After a short time for shopping we made our way back to London City and back to Jersey, tired but very happy.