We understand that parents want to support their children as much as possible in their school life. That’s why we believe a Parents’ Association is a key part of the community at St Michael’s.

Research has shown that parental involvement has a very significant impact on a child’s achievement during their time at school. Our Parents’ Association provides parents and teachers with the opportunity to exchange views, work together and to develop mutual trust and confidence with the joint goal of providing a fun and safe learning environment for the pupils at St Michael’s.

In an ever more demanding world, it is a rewarding way of allowing parents the opportunity to support their children in a more holistic manner when it comes to their education. Recent reports have shown that Parent Associations raise over £73 million a year across the UK, providing funds to improve the quality of school life for millions of children in both the primary and secondary sectors. This support can provide anything from new playground equipment to resources for augmented academic provision.

Not only is the Parents’ Association beneficial to the school, such Associations are also beneficial to the parents involved. It is the perfect environment to meet like-minded parents who want to provide additional support to the school. It’s also a way for parents to connect with each other and build friendships.

Our Parents’ Association has four main aims:

– To provide and/or co-ordinate practical support for the School’s activities.
– To arrange or assist in arranging fund-raising and social events.
– To promote and foster good relations between parents, staff and the school as a whole.
– To do all such things as are incidental to the above aims and objectives which enhance the good image and reputation of the School.

The SMPA has supported the school tremendously since the beginning and our team of amazing class representatives have been working very hard, as usual. We have already enjoyed the Pumpkin Carving Competition and School Disco this Academic Year.

The School Quiz Night for parents is a fiercely fought competition, with wine, nibbles and a delicious supper. The prize, apart from the honour of being named St Michaels’ Quiz Champions, is a rare and coveted Gold Commendation from the Headmaster!

Cookie Jar sales have continued to be popular and take place at the beginning of most half term and end of term breaks. Thank you so much to all the wonderful, talented bakers in our school community. Your hard work is very much appreciated.

The SMPA pays for the children from the Nursery and Reception to have an Easter Egg Hunt and this year we bought a new bunny outfit and have a brand-new Easter bunny who was very popular and very cuddly! Thank you so much and I hope this Easter bunny will be back to spread more joy very soon. The Year 8 parent representatives, in conjunction with the Headmaster, arrange a truly memorable Year 8 Leavers’ Dinner on the final day of the Academic Year.

We have more purchases in the pipeline, including a popcorn machine, a motivational speaker for the children and a climbing wall, launched at the Christmas Sale and will now form part of our activities provision. The Christmas Sale Committee, which comes under the umbrella of the SMPA, work so incredibly hard to raise such incredible amounts of money for local charities and to give the children a really fantastic day, which is the highlight of the school calendar.

Our Parents’ Association has funded our ‘Friendship Bench’ decorated by the Art Activity groups. The idea, popular in other schools, is that for some children, the playground can be an overwhelming or lonely place. The friendship bench is somewhere they can go, where they feel supported.  The children will be encouraged to watch out for anyone sitting on the bench so they can go and include them in their game or just simply sit and talk to them. We hope this will be a great way to encourage our pupils to consider the feelings of others and to look after each other. They also generously purchased a catering van. The maintenance team worked tirelessly to get it ready to serve us well at many events in the future. The Inter-House Cross Country was the inaugural event for the first use of the new catering van.

The St Michael’s Parents’ Association deserves great credit for everything they do to support the school, the teachers and the pupils who benefit from their hard work. It is hard to not see the impact having this support has had on the school. I look forward to continuing to work with the committee on future projects to enhance our school and what it provides for the pupils.