With our traditional Christmas Sale just around the corner, staff, pupils and parents are already designing their stalls, creating projects to sell and coming up with ways to fundraise for our three local charities. Today we wanted to tell you more about the event, as well as why it’s so important to our school, as well as the local community.

After the success of last year’s sale we’re hoping, with your help we can raise even more money for three fantastic charities. In 2018 our Christmas Sale supported CLIC Sargent Jersey, Diabetes Jersey and Robin Ward at The General Hospital. After a day where our pupils sold items, created Christmas crafts and partook in fun activities with the local community we managed to raise an incredible £23,000 to be split between the deserving charities.

Andrew Harvey, Chairman of CLIC Sargent Hersey said of our last event “We would like to thank the children, parents and staff of St Michael’s Preparatory School, and everyone who supported this wonderful fundraiser. We are so grateful as donations like these are pivotal to our ongoing work.”

This year we are looking to match, if not beat the amount raised last year for our new charities. This year’s Christmas Sale will be supporting, Healing Waves – Ocean Therapy, The Jersey Child Care Trust’s (JCCT) Help a Life Take Flight Campaign, and Make A Wish Jersey’s Christmas Appeal. All three charities support local children and their families in order to give them life experiences that they won’t forget and will help them develop their skills.

We chose to support Healing Waves as this Jersey charity enables individuals to access the healing power of the ocean, despite their existing conditions or disabilities. Our Duke of Edinburgh pupils (Shell Year) are supporting the charity through their award requirements. We hope that the Christmas Sale will give us the opportunity to provide the charity with further equipment and tools to support local children.

We are also very proud to be supporting our second charity, Jersey Child Care Trust. This new appeal aims to help all​ local children, no matter their background, receive high quality and inspiring Early Years Education. As a Preparatory School, we understand the importance of a child’s early years in giving them a good grounding for development, creating well-rounded students with a passion for learning and having fun with other children.

The final charity we are supporting this year is Make A Wish Jersey. The charity approached us as they needed help raising money for a very special individual who, with a critical illness, wanted to experience the magic of Lapland with their family this Christmas. As soon as we heard their story we knew we wanted to help make this dream come true.

If you want to help us raise money for these fantastic charities then make sure you join us at our Christmas Sale on Friday 29th November 2019 at St Michael’s Preparatory School. As well as being able to help local children, this event is also a great opportunity for parents, guardians and families to help us celebrate Christmas and the hard work of our pupils and parents over the Michaelmas Term. The event is a fantastic way for us to teach our pupils about the importance of giving and caring for those suffering from illness, or those less fortunate and find ways to help them.

Every year the amount of work put in behind the scenes for the Christmas Sale is staggering. There is a fantastic small steering committee of parents to who we owe a great debt of gratitude. My sincere thanks to all who contribute so much to this much-anticipated event.

We look forward to seeing you at our Christmas Sale!

Mike Rees



St Michael’s Preparatory School