For our Christmas Sale this year St Michael’s are supporting three on island charities. The second charity we are supporting, Jersey Childcare Trust visited us this morning to let us know how the money we raise will help their campaigns.

This morning the pupils and staff at St Michael’s were delighted to be visited by the second charity we are supporting in our Christmas Sale, Jersey Childcare Trust (JCCT).
Our aim is to raise funds to help the charity with their ​Life Take Flight​ campaign.

JCCT’s spokesperson, Fiona, told our pupils more about the work they do in the community. Their main aim is to put families first on the island, helping them access care, learning opportunities and aiding families to ensure their children thrive.

Our Christmas Sale, as well as helping two other charities, will focus on building support for the Help A Life Take Flight campaign by JCCT. Fiona explained that this project will look at helping all children who have a right to an Early Years Education in Jersey, regardless of background.

The JCCT explained that 80% of your brain develops before you are even three. Thus, meaning that during this time is when you become the person you are going to be. You learn to fly, and your life takes flight with help from educational bodies, peers and loved ones.

JCCT believes that all children deserve this educational support that helps them “take flight”. As a small, local charity they are making a big difference for children living with disabilities and disadvantages.

Their vision for the future of all children is to give everyone the best start in life. We want to help them by providing them with the essential funds needed to provide intervention and opportunities to all children even at the earliest stages. JCCT does this by increasing access to high-quality childcare and education for all families in Jersey.

As a preparatory school that prides itself on the level of education and support we give to the community, we are very proud to support the JCCT with this project.

We’d greatly appreciate it if you could help us in our mission to support the JCCT by donating to our Christmas Sale via our Just Giving page.


Mike Rees


St Michael’s Preparatory School