What is Brain Plasticity and what does it mean for your children?

August 10, 2020

‘Practise makes perfect’; ‘Try and try again’;‘Use it or lose it’; ‘Train your brain’! These are all phrases that teachers and parents say to children to get them to acquire new knowledge and skills. What they are really talking about is brain plasticity, also known as neuroplasticity.

Why we take our learning outside

July 28, 2020

Today's society has a higher demand for self-awareness and more specialised skills that ever before. This is why at St Michael’s, we endeavour to prepare our students for life beyond school, by incorporating learning experiences outside of the classroom.

Managing Our Children’s Fears

July 9, 2020

From incidents on the playground, losing sight of mum or dad in the park or finding a date for the school dance or job after school, most children have a fear of something. Thanks to Covid 19 - accelerating our already rapidly changing world - our children have another fear to add to their lists, particularly our preteens and teenagers who have known the way of life before the effects of pandemic. So how should we be managing their fears, without creating overly anxious neurotic children?

Sports at St Michael’s

January 13, 2020

Sport at St Michael's is delivered within three distinct strands;  Physical Education, Swimming and Games. Games lessons offer provision for team sports in football, hockey, rugby, netball, rounders, cricket and tennis.