A night of positive change!

May 30, 2022

The St.Michael’s Prep School Social Impact Programme, in partnership with Rathbones. It was created to raise awareness of what change needs to be made to our society and planet, developing our pupils into well-rounded young change-makers, but most importantly to ensure St. Michael’s is a force for good in the local community.

The Power of Young People

February 24, 2022

Young people have been at the forefront of influencing major social change for decades, but are often overlooked by those making the change. Most executive boards are made up of male dominated and middle-aged businesspeople. St. Michael’s is challenging that norm by putting its young people in key positions of responsibility in its strategy for change.

St. Michael’s COP26 Hub

October 29, 2021

St. Michael’s is Jersey’s first school to tackle sustainability, head on. The launch of our Social Impact Programme in September, saw our Shell students take on the role of young sustainability ambassadors – responsible for driving change within not only our school community, but Jersey and internationally.

Social Impact Programme

September 10, 2021

A first of its kind, this bespoke sustainability programme will see eleven students from our Shell Year (Year 9) take part in a unique learning experience, developing them academically, socially, and holistically to become Sustainability Ambassadors and in their role as Change Makers will lead their peers, staff members to sustainability success.

Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep?

April 19, 2021

One of the common topics of conversation when you have a young baby is “Are they sleeping through the night yet?”.  There seems to be two definite camps when answering this question. There are those parents whose child sleeps through the night from an early age, and others that may still be having disturbed nights for years. So why is this the case?

Julian Adamson – Across the Water

February 3, 2021

“The sea is intense; the sea is real. It demands honesty and responsibility and, although not always hospitable, and sometimes downright hostile, it provides the treasures of freedom, peace and beauty.” With his yacht Mini Skippy, Julian Adamson, 27 years old and a St Michael’s alumnus, has his sights set on the Mini Transat, a 4,000 mile single-handed race across the Atlantic from France to the Caribbean.

Technology at St. Michael’s

January 4, 2021

‘The most important thing that schools can do is not to use technology in the curriculum more, but to use it more effectively’. John G. Palfrey and Urs Gasser. St. Michael’s has seen some fundamental changes in the use of technology to support teaching and learning in the last year. The enforced lockdown imposed in March was an opportunity for St. Michael’s to put its preparation to the test, as pupils engaged in remote learning for the first time.

Setting high expectations – inspire, motivate and challenge your pupils

September 24, 2020

In order to be effective teachers, striving to get the best from our pupils, it’s important to set clear expectations. When teachers and parents show a consistent belief in a child’s capacity, they are more like to achieve at a higher level. Now, setting high expectations does not equal constant drilling of a child and rewarding them with punishment should they not achieve, but rather encouraging them to reach the potential you know they are capable of and findings ways to help them get there.

Children doing sports
What can you do if your child hates school?

September 7, 2020

After an eventful start to the calendar year, school is back in action for another exciting year. Some of your children may have been chomping at the bit to get back to their routines, and meet their new teachers and classmates, whilst others have been grumbling about their summer holiday ending and having to start doing homework again. But what do you do, if your child does neither, and actually hates school?